U.S. Navy Blue Angels

Here come the Blues! The United States Navy Blue Angels return with their adrenaline – rushing performance to Maine.

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U.S. Marine Corps C-130 “Fat Albert”

One airplane in the Blue Angels fleet gets its own billing, and it isn’t one of the supersonic Hornet jets. It’s “Fat Albert”, a U.S. Marine Corps C-130 Hercules airlifter. Fat Albert is the team’s support plane, but it flies its own solo performance at air shows, demonstrating the surprising nimbleness of the four-turboprop transport.

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Dan Marcotte

This New England native comes home to show off his Ultimate Biplane, which has earned him well-deserved recognition in the air show circuit.

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Mike Wiskus

Mike Wiskus’s passion for aviation started when he was very young. Mike’s Dad took him to his first air show at their hometown in Iowa at the age of 10.

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U.S. Special Operations Command Parachute Jump Team

The Para-Commandos perform precision freefall parachute demonstrations across the United States, informing the public about the Special Operations Command, it’s mission, and the great work being performed by the Special Operations Command’s Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen deployed to over 100 countries around the world.

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Ric Peterson

Ric Peterson is an air show announcer and award winning broadcast journalist.

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Aircraft appearing are subject to change due to many reasons beyond our control, to include but not limited to, maintenance, weather, or other circumstances. We appreciate your understanding.